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About Featherstone Family Chiropractic & Wellness

Dr. Jessica Wangerin moved to Sonoma County from Oakland with her husband for a little more space and a love of the Sonoma County charm. She describes the area as having a good balance of progressive thinking and natural mindset, as well as sustainable farming and old country ways. The community is friendly, and everyone likes to connect in person, which they appreciate. Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, Dr. Jess appreciates a small town atmosphere with a big heart and big ideas.

Being a well-known holistic wellness hub also makes Sebastopol a great place to open a natural healthcare practice.  The wellness network is outstanding and Dr. Jess loves giving referrals when necessary.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help families be the best they can be, and realize their full potential. We want to make chiropractic care affordable and accessible for individuals and the whole family.

A Different Approach to Care

Dr. Jess takes the time to hear the entire story, your entire medical history, or whatever you think is relevant. She doesn’t rush you through the appointment. And that translates into a trust and knowing that she is listening to your body during  your adjustments.

Our patients tell us that Dr. Jess just seems to know where her hands should go to provide relief. With a balanced right brain/left brain approach, Dr. Jess uses her energetic intuition along with her advanced knowledge of the body and nervous system to pinpoint the areas that need to be addressed and in what order. Bringing your body into connection and ease is her utmost priority.


Results You Can See

A practice member had extreme neck pain for several months following a specific injury in February. He was finally convinced to see Dr. Jess in May, but came with hesitation and apprehension. By working with the body and not forcing anything, “we were able to slowly unwind his system. He started to trust that I was only there to help him and we made huge headway in that first month.  From not being able to look up without feeling like he was going to pass out to being able to finally go back to work and ride a bike again – he was extremely grateful. I remember him crying after an adjustment because he didn’t think he was ever going to feel this good again. That is why I do what I do. I want to help people get their lives back,” said Dr. Jess.

We’re Here to Help

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