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Featherstone Family Chiropractic & Wellness Reviews

speech bubble that says thank youWhat Our Sebastopol Practice Members Say

At Featherstone Family Chiropractic & Wellness we love when practice members share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our practice member testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Helps Keep Me At My Best


Dr. Jess is a great Chiropractor – I always enjoy seeing her because she helps keep me at my best – physically and mentally. Her adjustments are very comfortable and I can feel that she really listens to my body and knows right where to go. She is also such a wealth of knowledge on all things health and especially nutrition. I don’t hesitate to recommend her to any of my friends. I feel a really positive difference in my body and life since I started working with her!
- Maria

Feel Amazing


I cannot say enough GREAT things about Dr. Jess! I had been to another chiropractor who hasn’t moved a needle when it comes to my posture and pressure in my neck. After Dr. Jess’s adjustments I feel amazing: my neck feels free, I feel taller, have more energy, and my head feels lighter. My yoga practice has improved dramatically since seeing Dr. Jess once a week over several months. Dr. Jess’s knowledge of the human body is incredibly extensive as is her hands-on adjustments. She seeks out the disease and addresses it from the root. I regularly recommended Dr. Jessica Lips and I’m grateful to have found her.
- Elena

Highly Recommend


Dr. Jess is very intuitive and able to work with my whole body in a gentle but firm way on every visit. She has helped me on various occasions with pain in my neck, back and feet, so that I leave feeling a million times better! I recommend her very highly! A caring, helpful, personable, gentle and effective chiropractor in the Bay Area.
- Signa

Relatable, Approachable, Knowledgable, Professional


Dr Jessica is relatable & approachable while also being extremely knowledgeable & professional. Her approach to healing is the perfect balance of intuitive & analytical. I trust her fully. She always knows just what my body needs & addresses my concerns with care. I highly recommend seeing Dr Jess!
- Maddie

Headache Relief


I had consistent headaches. After seeing Dr. Jess I no longer experienced that dull pain and achiness in my neck. Dr. Jess is so knowledgeable with such an understanding of the human body. What makes her special is how much she truly cares about her clients. When she says she loves working with people, it’s true. I highly recommend Dr. Jess and Featherstone Family Chiropractic & Wellness.
- Ann

Gentle and Kind


Dr. Jess helped realign everything postpartum! I was struggling with discomfort that I couldn’t address on my own with exercise and posture. Dr. Jess was gentle and kind, understood and worked with my initial fears of adjustment, and ultimately made a huge difference in my life.
- Debra

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